PublicationsEndorsements for Hubert Picarda QC and The Law and Practice Relating to Charities, Fourth Edition

Lawyers heap praise on the ‘learned, academic and fascinating’ authority that is Hubert Picarda QC, who advises on an array of both non-contentious and hotly disputed charity cases. His ‘superb, detailed analysis of charity law’ is such that he is the author of one of the gold standard textbooks on charity law.” – Chambers  and Partners, 2011

“Meeting this standard requires a devoted author concerned as much with quality of expression as with substantive content… He achieves the difficult goal of remaining comprehensible to a lay audience without sacrificing the detail, sophistication or organization demanded by an expert readership.” –  Adam Parachin, UBC Law Review, Vol. 45.1

“Hubert Picarda’s book is obviously of great significance to all charity lawyers. We have all been waiting for this new edition with baited breath!”–  Christopher McCall QC

“There is no need for me to add my endorsement to a work which is recognised throughout the common law world as a work of exceptional scholarship and which clearly and correctly deals with principles of law applicable to charitable trusts and arrangements….It is good to see this new edition of a leading work in the field”–  Mr Justice P W Young AO, Australian Law Journal, (2011) 85 ALJ 185

“The author has produced an admirable work, dealing with all the major changes in charity law that have taken place in the last few years…Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to the author, Hubert Picarda QC, lecture on the topic of charity law will have been struck by his passion and expertise on the subject. This text is written with the same enthusiasm and the reader will inevitably enjoy the elegant prose and legal rigour throughout.” – Alison Talbot, Blake Lapthorn, in Private Client Business, Issue 3, 2011

“The book is therefore not only a comprehensive and up to date guide on the whole area of the law and practice relating to charities, but at all times provides practical and detailed synergy of the law and procedure. Very topical issues of significance are helpfully and fully addressed by the author – an eminent speciality in this field of law. I feel sure that this book will prove to be a vital and important addition to the library of any Charity law practitioner.”– Henry Frydenson, Chairman, ACTAPS, Principal, Frydenson & Co